I'm a Junior in college studying Music Education

I also Compose music !

☉Cancer ☽Gemini ⇧Leo

I've got pretty severe mental illness so please bear with me, as I'm in the process of healing

insta: counterfeit.abstrata
discord: SpoochieCoochie#6043

Myspace //\\ Whiteboard



Rose Lalonde

Major ID


Roxy Lalonde

Minor ID

Aradia Megido

Comfort Characters

➸ Kanaya Maryam
➸ Karkat Vantas
➸ Sollux Captor
➸ Nepeta Leijon
➸ Dave Strider
➸ John Egbert
➸ Jade Harley
➸ Jake English i guess


➸ Homestuck
➸ The Occult
➸ Tarot
➸ Witchcraft
➸ Crystals
➸ People Watching
➸ Animal Crossing
➸ The Paranormal
➸ Cats
➸ Minecraft Videos
➸ Music
➸ Rhythm Games
➸ RPGs
➸ Markiplier
➸ Composition
➸ Art
➸ Photography
➸ Steven Universe
➸ JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


Here are some of my own Original pieces of work!

Land of Moonlight and Void

As I'm still a growing composer, I will keep updating this page as I make more music

Alongside my own compositions, I listen to a great variety of music
Here are some of the playlists I listen to everyday


➸ Chaotic Academia
➸ Cottagecore
➸ Cryptidcore
➸ Dark Academia
➸ Darkest Academia
➸ Dark Naturalism
➸ Goblincore
➸ Liminal Space
➸ Mosscore
➸ Oddcore
➸ Romantic Academia
➸ Surrealism
➸ Voidpunk
➸ Weirdcore
➸ Witchy Academia
➸ Witch House

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